Dorer's Hatmaker, Pure Beaver Cowboy Hats

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Butch Dorer &  Family. Wearing custom made western and dress hats. Photo featured in western horseman magazine november 2008

Dorer's hat shop. Where each hat is hand made one at a time. Located on the Ranch Head quarters in Western New Mexico.

Dorer's (hatmaker) specializing in Pure Beaver Hats! Each hat is handmade and perfected one at a time using equipment that dates back to the 1800s. Our shop is the original Ranch head quarters (pictured above), built in 1919 located on our Ranch in Western New Mexico. Using American and Canadian furs we start from scratch, carefully select and purchase pelts producing the highest quality furs available. With the hours and attention dedicated to each hat, we can honestly say that our hats are superior to anything the market offers, world wide.

Dorer Family. Wearing our selection of hand made pure beaver, western and dress style hats
From Left to Right:
Butch & Phoebe Dorer, Travis Dalzell & Shama (Dorer) Dalzell, Sandon, Shera & Shaaf Dorer


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