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Larry Hagman NoteLarry HagmanLarry,
I hate to blow your image but Phoebe and I both agree that you're a warm and loving person (unlike JR). Thank you and Maj for an unforgettable day in L.A. Hope you like the hat!

J Eddie PeckJ Eddie Peck










"Butch, Sure was a pleasure meeting you in person.
You're as genuine and classy as your hats. Thank you for putting
your expertise into my lid. Hope to see you soon!" J. Eddie Peck

Kelly Clown
"Butch...The hat is Excellent!
To: The Greatest Hatter on Earth, Thanks!"

Arlo Gutherie Arlo Gutherie
Ralph Gray
Real Estate Developer - Ralph Gray
Courtney Gray
Courtney Gray


Hurst Note


Reid Scivley, Becky & Shi Hurst

BGX Ranch BXG Ranch
Bar GX Ranch - Western New Mexico
Jim Davis

Grem Lee

New Mexico Artist - Grem Lee

Tommy Padilla
New Mexico Brand Inspector - Tommy Padilla

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