Dorer's Hatmaker
Silver Beaver

Leather BoxAll Materials used in the making of this hat are the rarest and finest in the world. They are collected and reserved especially for Butch Dorer. This hat is 100% hand-made. Starting with premium select belly fur, sheered deep from the very rare Silver Beaver - it is felted and hand pounced to a smooth silk-like finish. The self band is elegantly enhanced with a platinum or 24k (pure) gold buckle set (your choice) and studded with 9 - 3 point Diamonds set deep to keep its appearance subtle... The band is further enhanced with either Diamond Buckleplatinum or 24k gold studs (again your choice) set approx. 1" apart for a pleasing and elegant finish. Adding to its subtle elegance, the interior is finished with the finest of specially prepared embroidered Ivory silk... and for the leather we have selectively chosen and split to a 3 1/2 oz thickness... American Steer... for its surpassing comfort and ability to last. We have decided to present this very unique hat in a hand-made, traditional style, round leather hat box... specially designed for this offering.
I sincerely believe this to be the rarest and finest felt hat ever made - Butch Dorer

Silver Beaver Hat

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